Ross recuperation

From The Reappereance of Ross

I resolve to recuperate the body of  Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s boyfriend Ross Laycock, from the Art Institute of Chicago into my bedroom at Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center before I return to San Diego, California. In order to steal Felix’s boyfriend away from the AIC, I must remove as much cellophane wrapped candy from the AIC as I can hide in my pockets before being chastised by the very competent and friendly museum attendants. My first pieces of Ross came to me uneventfully. I grabbed a handful of colorful candies and shoved them in my pocket before the attendant could explain the 2-candy-limit policy. The second pieces of Ross were more difficult to obtain, but more fun. I brought reinforcements (who shall remain nameless). Between the two of us, we managed to more than double the amount of Ross in my bedroom.

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