Una conversación con el museo (Un paseo hasta Arena) de Jordi Ferreiro

UNA CONVERSACIÓN CON EL MUSEO (Un paseo hasta Arena), un proyecto artístico (en forma de audio-guía) de Jordi Ferreiro, invitado por el MACBA para activar Arena, obra de Rita McBride. Otras obras de Ferreiro tienen también que ver con  la participación del público.

Jordi Ferreiro. Conversacion con el museo, poster.

“Since its inception in 1997, Rita McBride’s Arena, has hosted over 100 artists, poets, writers, architects, musicians, curators and politicians. As part of the exhibition Oferta pública / Public Tender, MACBA has invited a series of artists to activate Arena every month for the four-month duration of the show, under the umbrella title Blind Dates.”

The work takes the form of an audio guide that encourages the participation of the public, playing with the boundaries between passive and active spectators. In developing the piece, I interviewed various people associated with the museum (staff, visitors, etc…) about their relationship to it and developed a route based on these personal histories. The visitor is invited to follow the wall labels of the audio guide, accompanied by the instructions and commentary of recording, which will lead them through the different spaces of the museum.

For more information about the work, you can listen to an interview on MACBA’s radio here.

“Jordi Ferreiro (Barcelona,1982) works between the lines that divide art and education using collaborative practices with people from different ages and backgrounds, his projects are presented as games to think, learn and have fun.”

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