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Made To Be Destroyed

In the exhibtion FADE IN: INT. ART GALLERY – DAY that explores the role that art plays in narrative film and television, we can find Made To Be Destroyed, 2016 by Christian Marclay.

With this work, Marclay edits together a multitude of film clips in which artworks are destroyed. The minutia of the preliminary research and ensuing editing highlights a series of narrative and cultural patterns whereby art is the victim of violence. Whether sprayed (Batman, 1989), burnt (Equilibrium, 2002) or smashed (Le sang d’un poète, 1932 The Naked Gun, 1988), artworks are destroyed in moments that express rage against the self and others, the pain of loss, rebellion against a state or political power, or simply the perfect foil for a slapstick mishap.


Christian Marclay, became internationally known in the 1980s for his reassembled readymades created from fragmented vinyl records, in his series of work Recycled Records. If you want to read more from him, you can go to this Journal of Contemporary Art.

Thanks to Elena Vozmediano for the info.